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A little window onto my future if I am very, very lucky.

My brother is in the kitchen hunting for things to feed his children. Brother: do you want ham? toast? english muffin? bagel? child: bagels are hard to peel. ???

It’s been interesting having Christmas with children around. I’ve never done it before, unless you count my own childhood. On the one hand, it’s made me quite miserable to see all the lovely moments parents have with their kids. On the other hand, it’s been a good reminder that life really would change if I had offspring. The amount of damage that two well-behaved children have done to my orderly little domain is remarkable. Am I ready to have hammy handprints all over my house? Am I ready to be used as a napkin? Am I ready for everything to be grubby? Am I ready to have to walk everywhere extremely slowly? Am I ready for life to become an endless cycle of cleaning and feeding and washing? No, I’m not ready. However, I totally am ready for nine months of adjusting to the idea. And of course, my own children will be magically clean, so that would help.

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  1. My nephew got a battery operated nerf "machine gun" for Christmas. He opened the batteries first and started squealing "my very own batteries!". He's six. Kids can be just hilarious sometimes :). When our friends with their 3 kids under 6 lived with us last summer, it was constantly back and forth – depressing that we couldn't have the cute bathtime moments, cuddling on the couch, etc with our own kids, and mind-numbingly tiring on the other hand – constantly getting snacks, cleaning up, and trying to get them to stay in bed. DH and I would lay in bed at night and say "if they were OUR kids…they'd be allowed to play outside more/we'd be consistent with them/we'd read them stories before bed/etc". Parenting, even on the short term as we did, was exhilarating – even the gross bits. YOUR kids will be wonderful because they will be yours, and amazingly enough I've heard that you don't even notice the drool on your clothing :).

    December 29, 2009
  2. JB #

    May droolly, snotty, greasy-handprinted, and otherwise sterile and starched children be ours in 2010.

    December 29, 2009
  3. I sometimes wonder this myself and I agree with you on having the nine months to adjust. Your last sentence cracked me up šŸ™‚

    December 29, 2009

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