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Wanna see my GUTS?

Seriously, at the end of this post are photos of my insides, so if you’re squeamish, CLICK AWAY! Though they’re not really that gross–I think they’re endlessly fascinating, but that’s ’cause I’m a real navel gazer. HA! Good one, Bunny!

So here’s a little interlude where we speak of other things in order to make sure there’s some space before the GUTS. Let’s see. Yesterday I got an e-mail from my husband the totality of which was OMG DUCKS, followed by this link: If you check out the link I believe you’ll see what he meant… Sometimes I love humanity!

Recovery update for Gurlee, who will be having this surgery soon. Though performed by ROBOTS! Because we live in the FUTURE! Things are still going way better than I imagined. No pain to speak of, though there is a low-level perpetual discomfort. A sort of tightness. And my abdomen is numb, which will apparently last for months! I’ve been waking up at 5 am and taking pain meds, but only so I don’t wake up in actual pain. The oxy makes me short tempered and incapable of really doing anything that requires multitasking, so do budget some time for watching movies and snapping at your husband. The incision has started to bruise, so I’m all yellow and black and blue bellied…

Okay! GUTS! Figure one is the fibroid I like to call Big Mama. My RE said he’d use it as a “handle” to “yank” (his fellow corrected him to “gently lift”) my uterus out of the incision. That pink blob is my uterus! Why is my uterus made of Bubblicious? And can it really be the case that there might someday be a baby in there? Clearly NOT. I included Figure 2 for the purposes of orientation, since you can see my belly button under that mysterious blue tube. And Figure 3 is the “after” shot. How cool is that! I imagine they are kinda charred from having blood vessels cauterized, but, um, to me they look a bit like…CHICKEN! NOM! Let’s get the grill fired up! ….Why are you vomiting? Anyways, to think that Big Mama was twice that size…amazing. My RE worked on developing this Lupron protocol for fibroids early in his career, and I must say, I’m awfully grateful.

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  1. JB #

    Well, forget Kung Pao chicken for lunch. :)Seriously, glad those monster fibroids are out of you, and that your ute can be free! free! to grow a baby, sooner than later preferred.

    April 29, 2010
  2. wow, good thing i already finished my breakfast. but even if i were still eating, i woulda looked at the pics anyways. i LOVE gross things! these pics are fascinating. i cannot believe those things were inside you!! glad you're healing well! ps – did you notice my *oopsie* from yesterday?

    April 29, 2010
  3. Theoretical question: Could "one" call oneself a vegetarian, if one ate a part of oneself, since one is made of meat? Just wondering, being a vegetarian too.Impressive 'roids! That big one is bigger than a golf ball, surely? More like a new potato. Better out than in, in any case! (BTW, cotton-brain/anaesthesia hangover takes a week to go, in my experience. Horrible, eh? Poor bunny.)

    April 29, 2010
  4. Ducks and guts and chicken, oh my! About the ducks: I actually welled up at those pictures. Thanks for posting the link. I needed a warm fuzzy moment about my fellow woman and man, and I got it. About the guts: yowza!!! Big mama is indeed a big mama. Thinking about your last post and in my humble opinion: there is no way that she is not responsible for your lack of pregnancy. I mean – look at all the prime real-estate she was taking up! And what a lovely uterus, Bunny:) Seriously. The first one is like a Softly Lighted Still Life. With Golf Ball. I'm fascinated by that stuff too:)About the chicken: it's good (good being a relative term) to see these in a bowl. I.e., OUT OF YOU, which is where they belong. Let the recovery continue. Let the sensation come back!!

    April 29, 2010
  5. I quietly whispered OH MAH GAWD when I saw that last picture of the BUCKET O' FIBROIDS. Umm, Bunny? You had mini-gremlins growing in your uterus. Glad to hear you're not feeling too much discomfort. And I hope that your trashy tv regimen is helping to move your dandy rebound along. 😉

    April 29, 2010
  6. Ooh, I love surgery pictures :). I've grossed lots of people out with mine over the years!Glad to hear your surgery went well and you're recovering nicely (and with plenty of pain meds).

    April 29, 2010
  7. Thanks for the recovery update, Bunny. I am glad you are doing well, and even better than you expected, hooray! How long are you going to be out of work? I have about 20 other questions but I will spare you (and everyone else for that matter) until my pre-op. Then we will have to compare notes.Nice surgery pics, so glad those fibroids are out! They made room for your baybee to grow! Hooray. I got some cool pics from the lap, maybe I can scan them and post them too.Thanks for sharing :)Take some more pictures, please! How about of your incision? If this is too personal, don't answer, but are you constipated? That was one of the most uncomfortable things I experienced from the lap. I am lining up movies, the Six Feet Under series, smoothie supplies, and ice cream. I liked the oxys last time, the just made me mellow and happy. Perhaps it will be different next time with a higher dose more often. As for the snapiness, uhh, you had to go through a fricken' surgery, you can snap a bit.

    April 29, 2010
  8. Holy crap! I'm so glad those chickies are outta you. That is some serious stuff!!!I'm so happy you are recovering well and your humor and wit are as sharp and stomach-achingly funny (that's a good thing) as ever.When can you have what you call lets-pretend-to-make-a-baby sex? (Which I prefer to think is legit lets-make-a-baby sex!) With those dang fibroids gone, things are LOOKING UP! Sending you healing vibes my friend.

    April 29, 2010
  9. Those ducks are beyond adorable. Although I wonder why the mother is so stupid as to decide to take her babies down Independence Avenue. But she is so cute that she is forgiven.Wow, that's what a uterus looks like? WTF, right? No wonder they call it the 'miracle' of birth. Clearly it will take a miracle in my case, anyways. But at this point I just don't get how it works for ANYONE. And yes, those suckers look like they should be floating in a nice steaming bowl of albondigas soup (please DO check this out for comparison: I'm glad they're gone. And in terms of abdominal numbness… um, how far down does that go?

    April 29, 2010
  10. Wow – uteruses do not look like I imagined. I thought it would be more dark and shadowy, or something. Your uterus matches the colour of my Vietnamese wedding dress almost perfectly, come to think of it. I would almost have liked to use it as an accessory. The thought of grilling your fibroids, however, made me vomit in my mouth just a little.

    April 29, 2010
  11. JC #

    Wow, that's crazy! I didn't imagine them to be so BIG!!!!!!

    April 29, 2010
  12. ASP #

    Man, I loved these pictures. Seriously. I showed Ryan and he squealed like a little girl! I'm so happy that you're on the road to recovery and had those damn things removed. The one was pretty big, huh? Thanks for sharing the pictures! Yeah, and no news does=bad news on my blog but everything is going to be okay. I'm writing a post soon. I need to confirm a few things first before I blab about some of things I want to write about. You'll know soon enough, M'lady.

    April 29, 2010
  13. Oh my gosh, I love you bunny. I love gore and guts so this was right up my alley!!! And really fascinating too. And I imagine that it would be completely weird to see photos of yourself sliced up and have no memory of it. And wow, those fibroids look so big and I'm convinced (without knowing ANYTHING about this really but I'm a general know it all) that you must have increased your pregnancy chances by millions by having them removed. I really think you should be in more pain than you are letting on from looking at those photos!!

    April 30, 2010
  14. wow those really are huge, to think they were even bigger! am glad you are recovering so well.

    April 30, 2010
  15. I thought fibroids were small little cysts. Now I can definitely see how this would hinder things in the TTC area. Thanks for oversharing!And the ducks, I mean come on. You've given me my warm fuzzy for the day.

    September 21, 2010

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