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First, thanks so much for the thoughtful and beautiful comments on yesterday’s post. I feel like you guys took my random selection of opinions and turned the post into something that could actually be useful to others, just by sharing your experiences and feelings. (I particularly like that some of you articulated the therapy is stupid point of view. Because it seriously is not for everyone. And people shouldn’t feel like they have to do it just because all the cool kids are!) A few things: Sienna, Secret Sloper left you a message in her comment (in case she didn’t also communicate it to you). CGD is a practicing therapist and has offered to answer questions about the process, which is very generous; you should take her up on it! She also pointed out that Resolve is a great resource for finding help. And finally, I meant to mention that I’d often decide I needed to see someone when I was feeling really awful (in crisis, as they say), but when the awful passed, I’d shelve the idea out of laziness. So if you’re contemplating the whole therapy thing, set it up even if you’re not currently wanting to crawl into a hole. You’ll thank yourself later.

But on to more important things: my BREASTS HURT. No, I’m not pregnant–that would be physically impossible…unless I produce Super Embryos that implant in a single day. (Ooo! Maybe it will turn out to be a vampire baby!) Plus this happened last month as well. Normally the old bosoms start hurting on day 21 of my cycle like clockwork, but last cycle it was around day 15, and came with ADDED LUMP. This month, again on day 15, but the lump has moved to the other breast. I seem to have picked up fibrocystic breast changes! I never should have sat down on that public restroom toilet…

Maybe this would have happened anyway–it’s a common condition (Andie, you said you have this–do you remember anything about the onset?). But the suddenness with which it appeared is really suspicious. I  think this is some kind of unpleasant side effect brought on by either the Lupron or the surgery. So I have something else to thank infertility for.

Apparently I can go on oral contraceptives to reduce the discomfort…sweet.

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  1. Drat, I was too slow off the draw yesterday. Or was that this morning? Who knows anymore.I am the same with the constant postponement – as soon as the crisis passes, I think, well, we don't need THAT anymore! Also I'd like to do my therapy by email. Is that possible? In person, I might clam up. Oh, it's like agoraphobia support group – when you really need it, you can't avail of it. Sorry to hear about the Boo-sum, as my mother calls it. Sounds unpleasant.. as for the threat of giving up caffeine and fat? THE WORDS, THEY FAIL ME.

    June 24, 2010
  2. I missed the therapy post, dang it.At last years physical, my doctor told me I had cystic boobies after she felt me up. Her thought, too much caffeine. When I quit (I am back now, half way) they went away. Are you a coffee drinker too? Or is it really because of that public toilet? I hope pain eases up soon.And thanks for your comment, I am so happy to hear that you did the deed, unprotected 5 weeks after surgery.

    June 24, 2010
  3. cgd #

    Thanks again for your post yesterday. What kind of psych research do you do? I was in clinical treatment research for a bit, but I certainly belong on this side of things. Hope you feel better soon, wish I had some words of wisdom on that one 😦

    June 24, 2010
  4. Owwwww….stop making me laugh, it hurts. 🙂 The thought of a super bunny vampire embryo is just too much! As for the boobs, no, for me there was no apparent cause. One day it was just there, very painful on one side. Discovery of which forced me to do breast exam and run to doctor in fear. I was not doing anything out of the ordinary, but being a cyclic hormonal thing, I do believe it is very likely yours has come on as a result of the lupron. I sympathise with the pain, it is not pleasant.

    June 25, 2010
  5. holy heck… I have those cystic boobies… I always wondered what they are because they are only around the second half of my cycle… Ahh my angry boobies, now i've caught you in your game!!!Don't know what I'm going to do about them but sometimes they would freak me out so I guess I won't now. As long as the BSE goes well on day 5.

    June 25, 2010
  6. I loved your post yesterday, just so you know. I don't love today's. Why, oh why do you have so much crappiness going on in your body? Vampire babies AND fibrocystic breasts?? Come on, universe, give Bunny a break!

    June 25, 2010
  7. thanks for the info bunny! i have an appt on tuesday with cgd's therapist, and then hopefully i'll try out sloper's friend as well if i don't feel 100% about the first lady. never done therapy before, so this should be boobies are fibrous as well, so i'm constantly finding something that weirds me out. but ever since we started ttc, i don't have the energy to get things checked out in the chestular area, bc i'm too overwhelmed with all the RE visits. i hope the discomfort goes away SOOON!!!

    June 25, 2010
  8. Sorry about the painful breasts, and the lumps. Scare the crap out of me every time. I've heard of a connection to caffeine, too…

    June 25, 2010
  9. So sorry about your boob. Your vampire baby comment made me laugh though. I hope the drugs stop making them hurt soon.

    June 26, 2010

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