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Cribs are safe! Cribs are Safe! A series of deeply boring updates.

We accomplished the bed-to-crib transition. I couldn’t pull the trigger, but Mr. Bunny said he was ready to give it a try, so on one of the nights he was in charge and I was in the guest room, he did it. Bun Bun slept normally. Mr. Bunny, on the other hand, reported that he slept nary a wink from the time we put her down to the time he came to get me for her middle of the night feeding. It all became clear the following night when I was on duty. While it was hard going to sleep without her next to me, her room is quite close and I can hear every little noise, so I just repeated cribs are safe* until I fell asleep. And slept for about half an hour, until she made her first little peep. And then I spent the rest of the night startling wide awake at every little noise, certain she was about to start shrieking with terror. That she’d wake up and find herself alone and freak the fuck out. In reality, she did not give a shit. I expected her to be lonely and heartbroken, she did not appear to notice that one of us was no longer there by her side.

It hasn’t been perfectly smooth. There have been a few nights when I’ve been up every hour, soothing her back to sleep. And there have been more nights when I’ve simply been unable to sleep because of her noises, but I’m sure that would have happened if she’d been in our bed, too. And putting her to sleep for the night is more elaborate now. Our former routine was to put her in our bed and then just go about our business. You know, brushing our teeth, whatever. She’d usually fall asleep pretty much on her own. But now we have to do that whole book, snuggling, singing, rocking thing which is just UGGH sooooooo awful. That’s sarcasm. It’s lovely, and something I’ve always dreamed of, though half the time it involves screaming with rage, too, which is less lovely. We have also been tinkering with eliminating her middle of the night feeding, as it wasn’t clear she really wanted it, and hey, turns out many nights she doesn’t. So, on the whole, it seems like she’s happy. And there may just come a day when I have to share a bed with a wolverine again. Sigh.

There are a couple more insanely boring things I wanted to mention, in case the information proves useful to anyone.

1. I ordered some swaddle straps before they were even available, but how did they actually work out? Great! They got us through the hellish hot days wonderfully. And we’re still using them on those occasions when she seems to want a swaddle. Can she escape from it? Absolutely. But unlike the blanket swaddle, I never find it OVER HER FACE. Which, you know, was terrifying. The design prevents it from moving beyond the shoulders. And since she’s probably entering the end of her swaddle phase, I have no problem with her getting her arms out. In fact, I sometimes leave one arm out on purpose. I should note that I never bought any of the many other swaddle products out there (except I did get a woombie, which she kinda hated), so the strap may not actually be all that superior to existing items with cold weather coming on. But it was a life-saver for me, and might be worth having in your arsenal.

2. I mentioned this before, but never again because it’s soooo boring. Bun Bun has torticollis. No, it’s not a tasty filled pasta, it’s basically a stiff neck. I’d never heard of the condition, despite the fact that it’s apparently insanely common. It typically happens because of position in utero or sometimes because of injury during delivery. It’s easy to fix early on and hard to fix later, so at her two month visit, we were advised to take her to a physical therapist. I was like SERIOUSLY? But we decided to do it. (Actually, we decided to switch practices, and met with a new pediatrician, who is lovely, and LIKES babies [imagine!], and gave us the same recommendation.) Fortunately, the therapist is a lovely woman, and I basically sit there for an hour every week while she stretches Bun Bun and we talk about babies. And then I have to do some exercises at home, which Bun Bun hates, and I suck at, so I’ll be super happy when she’s better. I’ve been at it for about eight weeks now. Blech. ANYWAY, the reason I mention it is that our slacking on the tummy time interacted poorly with this condition. Not only was she not getting the chance to develop abdominal and neck strength, but as her head got flatter, she had a greater tendency to lie with her head turned in a direction that exacerbated her torticollis. ANYWAY, the REAL reason I mention it is this: if your baby hates tummy time, you might try putting a rolled up towel under its arms to ease the strain a little. Also be sure to have a flashy toy on hand for distraction (the ItzBeen, a MUST HAVE already, turns out to be awesome for tummy time distraction. It has a pretty red/blue light that works great for getting your little one to stretch that neck!). And be comforted by knowing that even a minute or two as often as possible will lead to rapid results–we saw a remarkable improvement over the course of a few days. Bun Bun is fine with being on her belly now and does all the proper milestoney things, so I have not ruined her.

Oh my lord, that was boring. I almost fell asleep just writing about it all. But I serve the public, you see, and must report on my fascinating experiences.

*I know, it is silly, considering that the APA would have me believe it’s bedsharing that’s the danger.

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  1. This isn't boring – I love reading updates on baby stuff! Nice job on the transition to crib!!! Bring on the wolverine… 🙂

    September 9, 2011
  2. N #

    I thought it was interesting. 🙂 I noticed P was only turning to one side also and started always turning her neck the other direction and did more tummy time and massaging her sternocledomastoid.. Good times.

    September 9, 2011
  3. JB #

    The bedtime routine does become quite nice after a while. And then the day comes when your itty bitty baybee just stares longingly at his crib while you're reading a book or singing and you realize, he just wants to go to bed already. No, goddammit, you will SNUGGLE. Because it's good for you.

    September 9, 2011
  4. Our bedtime routine happens about 3 hours before Isaac actually ends up in bed. I can't wait for an early bedtime!I love reading the baby updates :).

    September 9, 2011
  5. I was heartbroken when we transitioned A to his crib. Like you, I thought for sure that he would freak…yeah, quite the opposite. He LOVED his crib from day 1. I felt so lonely. He never did like to snuggle. However, now that he's 4, his twin bed is back in our room because he's scared to sleep alone at night now. Secretly, I LOVE having him back in my room! The way our (used to be) sitting area is positioned, he can't see our bed from his. It just does him good to know that we are right there. I just wanted a snuggly wuggly co-sleeping baby and I got the complete opposite. He was his own person the second he was born. I guess that's just the way it is.

    September 9, 2011
  6. You guys are so well adjusted. I did the whole thing backwards. I tried desperately to get g to sleep in his crib for the first 4 months or so and then, out of delirium, caved to the co-sleeping thing. I found that I loved it so much (all three of us have loved it) that we are STILL cosleeping at 2. Hmmmhm. I usually don't admit that in public, though.

    September 9, 2011
  7. How amazing that the crib transition was so easy (for BunBun, at least). I love these updates. These babies grow and change so quickly it's sorta unbelievable.

    September 10, 2011
  8. Toddlerina recently made the Big Girl Bed transition in prep for this baby on the way. I read all over the place not to let her fall asleep w you still in the bed w her – when she woke up, she would freak you were not there. Not the case at all.We were a PT family too, but at about a year. AMAZING what they can do, isnt it? It looks so very simple – sure I can dribble my child like a Globe Trotter… ugh. Enjoy the sessions. I learned a ton.

    September 12, 2011
  9. You always have updates that provide info that I need or can relate to, thus I'm grateful for them and eager to read them. For instance we had our first 2 nights out of the swaddle….he's approaching 5 months but with the rolling over I thought I'd give it a go. Didn't really go…Now maybe I'll do one arm at a time. I wasn't sure that real people got that to work, I was under the impression that only the baby whisperer from the dvd could as I had trouble replicating most of his advice except the hairdryer.

    September 13, 2011
  10. N #

    I just got one of the swaddle straps, they ROCK! Wish I had it 3 months ago, when it was stinkin' hot here. For winter, kiddopotamus swaddleme works great. Just fyi

    September 15, 2011
  11. Cribs ARE safe. I love putting him in his crib cause I can just leave him and not worry – unlike when he falls asleep on the bed. Thanks for the advice on the Tummy Time. Still working on it on our end, but I like that you suggested even a minute or two as often as he'll allow. I'll try to sneak more in now.

    September 19, 2011

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