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Feeding all my many babies

Welcome to my new home. There are still some boxes that need to be unpacked, but I think things are tidy enough for me to have guests…

Note: I had my NT scan last week. At my practice I don’t get the risk factor results until my next OB appointment, but Bunlet was very much alive, and the tech said things like “perfect” and “beautiful”, which I’d hope she wouldn’t do if there were cause for concern. And I’m pretty sure the measurement was 1.6ish (lord, my eyes are crappy), so I am hopeful. Therefore, in this post I am going to write as though Bunlet will live.

On to business. Food. It’s getting more complicated these days.

1. Although I haven’t had a chance to discuss this with my OB, I’ve heard that breastfeeding while pregnant can get hard. I’ve read that my supply might tank around month four or five, or that Bun Bun might be put off by changes in the milk. I thought this was a maybe thing, but my pediatrician said to pretty much count on it happening, and to be prepared to supplement with formula until Bun Bun’s one year old. My plan has never involved breastfeeding past infancy, but I’d been hoping that she’d magically choose to wean at about a year. I would like it to be her choice, and it looks like it won’t necessarily be. I guess there’s no point in getting upset about something that hasn’t happened. Plus which, I really can’t see myself doing tandem nursing, so perhaps even if my supply did last I’d just end up cutting her off anyway… Also my nipples are hating the whole thing more and more as they have become tender again. SIGH.

2. Bun Bun used to happily eat anything I put in front of her (except turkey, and [vegetarian] sushi), and is now considerably harder to please. There’s a lot of me making a perfectly nice thing and giving it to her and her flinging it on the floor and shrieking and trying to rip her food hat off.

The food hat, or bandana, keeps her from running her food-encrusted hands through her hair. Shortly after this photo was taken, the salami was flung to the ground.

For example, on Monday I made quiche, and she was desperate for it to be done.

Gimme the motherfucking quiche, Mama.

And yet, when a delicious piece was placed in front of her, she touched in gingerly, withdrew her hand in disgust, and shrieked. I am realizing that I will have to start making some choices about how to respond to this, and how to deal with the whole FOOD thing, AGAIN. Like perhaps the FOOD thing is an iterative concern.

As it happens, I am generally happy to devour whatever Bun Bun doesn’t want, much in the manner of a wild animal. It’s Bunlet’s fault. Bunlet is always hungry, and not at all picky. Yet.

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  1. Wow! I love what you’ve done to your new home, Bunny. Congrats. Also, I was thinking of you lots last Friday and am glad to read that Bunlet is growing, perfect and beautiful.
    As sweet as it is to read about Bun Bun discovering that she has influence over her world (or at least what enters her mouth), I’m sorry for her mom and dad who are entrusted with the task of feeding her. I believe iterative might indeed be the operative word in the whole food thing. May she become as ravenous as her sibling in the next while. Oh, and the food hat is completely adorable.

    February 15, 2012
  2. Oak #

    Oh my gosh, Mackie’s the SAME way. He used to love scrambled eggs and now treats them as if they’re the devil’s spawn. He apparently doesn’t know the devil’s spawn is actually in my belly not trying to get into his.

    And I love the idea of the food bandana…we’ve just been hoping that the food will double as hair gel.

    February 15, 2012
  3. Wonderful news about bunlet! Ultrasound reassurance is truly a magical thing.

    I LOVE the new place! I’m afraid that I was sort of forced to dislike blogger seeing as how it hates me.

    As for food. I honestly hate to tell you this so forgive me in advance but I have a reasonable amount of evidence that suggests that these warm and cold food cycles are a long term thing, perfect for making a parent CRAZY. At 2 and 2/3 we are going through one and I am loosing my mind. Although I turn to all the old standards, they are swiftly rejected and I now get to hear the phrase “I want something else!”. Aaaargh!

    February 15, 2012
  4. Jem #

    “Perfect” and “beautiful” are just the adjectives you want to hear at your NT scan.

    “Perfect” and “beautiful” despite the picky eating habits are just the adjectives I’d use to describe those pictures of Bun Bun. What a cutey! I have zero advice for the parenting thing, as my bun is still in the oven.

    February 15, 2012
  5. Why have I never thought of a food hat??

    The only vaguely useful advice I can give considering Bun-bun’s eating habits, is that I recently discovered my daughter was less prone to throwing food about if I only put a small amount in front of her. The less there was, the more she valued it (I keep a stash of seconds, thirds etc on my plate). Of course, if she really doesn’t want to eat it, that doesn’t work at all.

    February 15, 2012
  6. Jen #

    FOOD HAT. Trademark this now. You will never need to work again. Cha-ching.

    The food thing is fun for everyone, the hot and cold cycles. I feel like the two major factors for us have been A) teething and B) the iron will of a toddler. The only thing he has never, ever refused (until now, since I said it) is yogurt. This kid could eat a vat of yogurt for every meal. His gut-resident acidophilus are off the charts. His poops are perfect and beautiful.

    If you get pretty close to BunBun’s first birthday, don’t let the pediatrician bully you into thinking you must supplement with formula until exactly 1 year of age. Horseshit. I agonized over this when Jackson self-weaned at 11 months and this is what I learned: I could have switched right then to cow’s milk and everything would have been fine. No need to go buy formula and mix it up like a chemist all day and night. I did end of giving him formula for that month when my attempts to exclusively pump were met with “meh” by my tits, and when the ped nurse told me I MUST, and all is well that ends well. But if you’d rather just forgo formula and move on to moo-milk within a month or so of her first birthday, she will be a-okay. You can give her a multivitamin if you’re worried about growth, but there’s probably no need. Just saying, is all.

    February 15, 2012
    • Amen, sister. I think it might be more of a concern with skinny babies BUT Bun Bun looks pleasingly Rubenesque.

      (My kids were bald as eggs for, like, forever, so food hat never occurred to me, but BRILLIANT.)

      February 16, 2012
  7. Misfit Mrs. #

    Fancy digs, lady. I love WP and will take some inspiration to consider moving to the dark side. I went with blogger only because most of the blogs I was reading were on them. But this whole commenting biznazz is irksome to say the least.

    I would like to go on record that waiting for your NT scan results a week is outrageous. WTF? Wait? What’s that? Patience, right, something I don’t have at all. The food thing with Bun Bun is quite a mystery. I secretly suspect she’s waiting for the truffle oil and wild boar to be served instead of the tasty spread she’s been given. I also echo food hat ™ pursuit. Clean hair + cute = big business.

    February 15, 2012
  8. Joy #

    Yeah for Bunlet. What a relief! I adore the food hat. As a fellow mother of a baby with a lot of hair I find it to be a great idea and I am stealing it promptly.

    As far as the formula goes we have had luck with Sim.ilac Sensitive. I know it’s not BM but my child has survived and dare I say…… thrived while drinking it. She is however very picky about niples and will ONLY use a medium flow eurgonomic latex nipples made by Play.tex.

    Anyway, love the new look….

    February 15, 2012
  9. What a lovely new place you’ve got! I don’t know from babies and food preferences, but OMG FOOD HAT. It is not only brilliant, it is super cute. She looks like a little sushi chef.

    February 15, 2012
  10. I can’t believe we have survived 3 years of greasy/peanut-buttery/sticky hair without thinking of the food hat! Also, the BunBun who happens to be wearing it is adorable!

    In terms of the food stuff, it’s incredibly frustrating to work hard creating a delicious, toddler-friendly meal, only to have it chucked overboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions for preventing it from happening, excpt what Sarah suggested above about smaller portions.

    In terms of dealing with the pickiness in general, we LOVE Ellyn Satter’s book “Child of Mine.” It has lots of good stuff about it being the parent’s job to provide a variety of healthy food options, and the kid’s job to decide which things and how much to eat. This has made dinner time much more pleasant as we avoid getting into power struggles about eating. Tadpole goes in phases where he eats like he has a hollow leg, and others where he eats like a petite bird, but it seems to all even out in the end. (More in my food post here: )

    February 16, 2012
    • I remember that post and have been thinking of the book since. I have heard good things about it from all quarters… I guess that means I should get it already, yeah?

      February 16, 2012
      • i need to get it, too, instead of just gleaning its wisdom from the intertubes. the bean is putting me through my paces — only sure-fire way to get him to eat is to sit him next to first time, second times’ daughter, and she is at an inconvenient distance.

        February 18, 2012
  11. Welcome to wordpress! I’m happy you’ve made the move if only for selfish reasons. The commenting on blogger is getting to horse shit levels.

    I love the idea of the food hat. Unfortunately (or not) Sofi does not yet have enough hair for the food to make much of a difference. More like a duck’s back – things just roll right off her nearly bald head. I suppose that’s a good thing.

    I have no input on Bun Bun’s weaning, but I do think it’s worth thinking about switching straight to cow’s milk if you make it close to the 1 year mark. it’s not like Bun Bun has a calendar in her belly, after all. Seems that the 1 year guideline can’t be too rigid.

    February 16, 2012
  12. Sarah #

    Welcome to WP! Glad you’re here, because I can’t seem to comment on blogger lately.
    We’re having some food issues in our house as well. Isaac is “meh” on pretty much everything except cheese lately. Even his previous favorites like lamb and yogurt are met with little excitement (and usually end up on the floor feeding the dog). He doesn’t care for fruit…or vegetables (although will allow me to shovel butternut squash pureed with chicken stock into his mouth – it’s the only puree I’ve made and hate it to go to waste). He’ll take a couple bits of something and I’ll think he’ll be into it, then he just refuse to eat any more. I try not to worry about it…
    Love the food hat :). Never thought about that, but it’s brilliant. We’ll have to try something similar.
    And congrats on another good scan and that bunlet is looking good :).

    February 16, 2012
  13. AL #

    So happy to hear all looks good with Bunlet. I’ve been wondering how things are going on the breastfeeding front with Bun bun while pregnant as just with having my cycle back I can see my supply waxing and waning. I can imagine it’s hard on the old bod to both breastfeed and gestating. Glad so far things are good. Cheeks still adores the boob as well, though I wish he would be showing signs of being over it. I’d like to be done at a year as I need to, ya know, start the likely years-long process of TTC #2. Gah.

    Good luck on the food front. Pre parenthood I was all, children should eat what I put in front of them! I can’t have picky eaters! But now, I see that that’s definitely not going to work (at least not yet) as Cheeks spits out whatever he doesn’t like.

    February 16, 2012
  14. Welcome to WP!

    Wonderful news about the NT scan. Bunlet rulz!

    Food – well, it only gets more frustrating from now on. I offer George food three times, then it goes away. I was told to monitor his intake for 3-4 days, and usually he had one day when he throws everything everywhere, but then he eats half of the fridge. Plus the fruit stand. Now that I let him use cutlery by himself, he is much more into leading spoonfuls to mouth or forking bits in the bowl than throwing. But then, when he remembers that, the cutlery are terrible, because he flings the darned food even farther! Gah.

    My doc told me to wean when I got pregnant again. George was 14 months. I thought she is overcautious. Now, when I have to double my magnesium dose because I already have contractions, although I can’t feel them, I think she was smart to make me do it when I was on the high of good news. Now I would have been mega depressed… I certainly hope you don’t have to deal with this, but breastfeeding releases oxytocin which may cause contractions. I know two mums who nursed while pregnant and both had their toddlers self wean when they were around 15-20 weeks pregnant. Maybe BunBun will do the same.

    February 16, 2012
  15. Welcome to the world of WP! I had reached the point where Blogger irked me so much, I just had to leave. I’m glad I did.

    So glad to hear that Bunlet is fine and well. Love Bun Bun’s food hat. I agree with the previous comment – you could probably make a million selling those. Love the bunnies on it and the strawberry themed thingie on the chair.

    February 17, 2012
  16. oh hai.

    fwiw, i think it would have been pretty easy to wean the bean at 9 months (but the hell i was losing that trick right before christmas travel). at almost a year, i think it would be harder. ymmv.

    regardless, i think you’re wise not to nurse too close to v 2.0’s arrival, given that you aren’t going to tandem nurse. new sibling + no boobs + new sibling DOES get boobs seems like a recipe for unrest.

    February 18, 2012
  17. manapan #

    I’m glad Bunlet looks good!

    And OMG, the food hat brilliance. We are straight up stealing your idea.

    February 18, 2012
  18. Jack has started to vehemently hate oatmeal. He acts like he is being poisoned when I give him a spoonful. le sigh. sounds par for the course.

    February 21, 2012
  19. Welcome to WP. 🙂 I don’t miss Blogger a stinkin’ bit.

    I knew exactly what the food hat was for as soon as I saw it. There are a few rules at our table, and one of them is DO NOT SAY THE WORD ‘HAIR’ EVAH. Because even if it’s not even directed at Arlo (as in, “I totally need to get my hair cut.”) he puts his food-caked fingers right into his shaggy locks. I do not much like snuggling a baby at night with cumin-scented hair, you know?

    Good news on Bunlet. 🙂

    February 21, 2012
  20. lady pumpkin #

    I don’t know how I managed to miss your move to WordPress. I blame the pumpling. Who is far too cute to blame for much of anything, besides our periodic fatigue. And then I came here last week and tried to comment, and was foiled by some odd bit of wordpressery…but it seems that I’ve figured it out now. Anyway. 1. HOORAAAYYYY! for Bunlet’s perfection. That’s fantastical. 2. I love the food hat’s existence. 3. Extra love that it has bunnies on it (of course). 4. Wheeee for gdiapers! We use them too. Sometimes I wonder why we bother, since they (for us, anyway) can be kinda leaky, but they’re all eco and shit and so damn cute. And so we gdiaper on. Welcome to WordPress, mama!

    April 5, 2012
  21. lady pumpkin #

    Additional comment: Are you aware that when you type the word “WordPress” with a capital W and a small p, when it’s published, they capitalize the P? Sheesh, get your wordpressy (bet they didn’t get in to that one) hands outta my comments.

    April 5, 2012

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