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All the buckets in the world can’t save me

I’m writing from a hotel room about a mile from my house.

Sounds ominous, huh? It’s not. You see, last week Mr. Bunny and I had strep throat at the same time. It was actually my second time–the first time I mistook it for mastitis because it started with aches and chills, just like mastitis. So I got the wrong antibiotic, and also gave the strep to him. (BUT, MIRACULOUSLY, NEITHER BABY HAS GOTTEN IT.) So on like the morning of day 3 of us being in total agony and unable to sleep because of the agony, he had this huge work deadline, and I just looked at him standing there with dirty babies throwing cheerios at him, and when I got to work I booked him a night in a hotel. And he was very, VERY happy. And then I realized that I have this tendency to do for others what I desperately need for myself. And I told him this, and he booked me a night in a hotel, and HERE I AM.

I basically feel like I’m in HEAVEN. I mean, check it:


That’s HGTV on the screen. And WINE. Shitty twelve dollar wine.

It comes at a good time, because parenting has been pushing me to the edge lately. It’s two things, and I’m writing this post in case any Parent Readers have been there and have suggestions. Because you know I ain’t reading no bullshit BOOKS. About parenting. Other books I like.

1. PUSHING. Bun Bun has discovered the joys of pushing her brother. Over. So that he cries. My own brother, whose parenting I really respect, urges me to not freak out too much. You know, remove her and show her it’s not okay, but don’t turn into an insane harpy over it. But as Jenny told me once, for which I really thank her, having someone hurt your child turns you into a red-eyed rage monster, and it doesn’t matter that the hurter is another of your children. Thoughts?

2. Toilet training regression. Bun Bun has decided that she will pee on the floor now, for fun. She doesn’t do it for her nanny, just for us. The standard wisdom is that this is very common, and to not overreact, just stay cool and positive when she does make it to the toilet. But I tell you what, people, I CANNOT FUCKING HANDLE IT. Just peeing on the floor makes me pretty furious, but when she looks at me and scurries over to her bed and lets loose with the stream? %&$(@&Q(*$^@! I usually have to get my husband so that I don’t hurt her. Not pretty. She has also decided that she will only shit in her diaper, at night. I tried just taking her night diaper off, but that just led to a lot of shitsplosions in the middle of the night, and then came the strep throat, and I put the diaper back on. Again, I’m sure best practice is to just stay cool, but %&$(@&Q(*$^@! It’s so insanely frustrating. I can usually handle about 5 piss episodes and then all my resolutions to stay cool are out the window.

And that’s why I’m really looking forward to taking a bath and staying up late watching shows about people remodeling things.

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  1. Oh… my… gaw. Snickers, Doritos, AND cheap wine?? Get out of my daily 3pm fantasy! I want to book my hubs a night in a hotel so he’ll do the same for me too! So, we have two toddlers who like to push each other down over here and (for the moment, because you know these things can change in a flash) we’ve been using a diversion tactic that has brought some success. When we see an imminent push, or push in progress, we say (in a happy, not punitive tone) “hands don’t push! Hands give high fives!” And they get so excited to “high-five sissy!” that they forget all about pushing (for like, five minutes). Now Bunlet may be a little young to be a high five recipient but maybe you can go a slightly different direction with it… “hands are for tickling!” perhaps? As for potty training, you’re supposed to be blazing the trail so I don’t have to figure any of this stuff out and never have to clean pee off the floor. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to other (better) feedback from your commenters!

    July 25, 2013
  2. God, that does look suspiciously like heaven. I would suggest it to sugar, except that hotels under a million dollars a night here are…not like heaven. (In the million dollar ones, I imagine the mice and roaches are at least well dressed.)

    RE: pushing, I don’t know, but let me know when you figure it out. I’m counting on you to be my parenting-siblings book, remember? Because you are right: parenting books blow.

    Re: intentional peeing, you got me, but seeing this same dynamic going down at a local friend’s house is one of the major things keeping me from moving forward with the Bean’s toilet training. (Except that I did finally order him some underpants today.). I am not sure I have your self control when it comes to not going apeshit. I’m secretly hoping that if I drag my feet enough, he will train himself to spite me.

    Re: diaper poops, I can report that this is very common among children of friends. No one seems to have found a solution, but they do grow out of it. Eventually. Might be one of those things it is better to tell yourself is just How It Is, if that helps you feel less worked up. Yeah, that never works for me and the not napping, either.

    I sure hope you are halfway inside that bottle of wine by now.

    July 25, 2013
  3. Nicky #

    I’m glad you’re getting some relaxing time! That is a great idea.

    C1 (now almost 6) was about 4 years old when he intentionally peed on his bedroom floor. He potty-trained at age 3 yrs, 3 months, after fighting and fighting a good, long time. Also, he couldn’t go to his preschool at age 3 because he wasn’t effing potty trained. Anyway, we were MAD, and sentenced him to cleaning all the toilets in the house. (I did have to show him how.) It seemed to make an impression, he still mentions that he “cleans toilets” when someone asks him what chores he does around the house. Bunbun might be too young for such a lesson to stick. Though, I think it helps to have them clean up their messes.

    For what it’s worth, C1 still wears a night diaper, and it’s wet nearly every night. C2 (age 3.5) is dry every night, but very regularly has small poop accidents in his daytime underwear. Probably because he hates taking the time to poop, AND we’re making him wipe his own bottom. It’s been like 8 months of skidmarks. He toilet trained around age 2.5, the stinker. Speaking of which, he’s shouting from the bathroom that he’s sorry he has poop in his underwear. *sigh* At least he’s polite.

    C1 was pretty good about not hurting his brother, but he was 2yrs, 3 months when C2 was born. His empathy was just starting to develop at that age. Before, he didn’t realize it hurt other people to bite, pull hair, kick, etc. He just knew they made a hilariously loud noise, and then he got a time out. (C1 was not a good time-out taker. I generally had to hold him, and keep him from hitting/biting/kicking/head butting me. It was not fun.) We gave him a baby doll before C2 was born, and she was thrown against walls, down the stairs, and her eyes were poked constantly. There was a lot of gentleness training.

    But yes, kids are maddening. You can train them (a little) but a lot of the maddening stages they just need to grow out of. Instead of a parenting book, I recommend studying Buddhism. “The Buddha in your Mirror” is a nice, secular choice.

    July 26, 2013
  4. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

    You know, if you just reach deep for that inner well of patience and saintly calm, everything will be okay.

    I will tell you a few more things, one of which will not help at all and one of which is horrible. It’s up to you to guess which is which!

    1) I can’t even remember what we did at the corresponding age (though my kids are 2 years and 7 months apart so baby=1 corresponded to… about nine months ago). There was a lot of shoving. My point is, I have ALREADY FORGOTTEN the misery of nine months ago.

    2) You know what has really helped? Tatoe is now old enough to hit Bug too. He tried to bite Bug on the shoulder today (I think Bug was pushing him) and I just about laughed my ass off. So I get to give them BOTH consequences!

    3) Seriously. Dislocated elbow. ER trip. Although actually, for a change, I don’t think Bug was trying to hurt Tatoe – he was trying to help Tatoe up onto the couch – so I was, for a change, not furiously red-eyed angry with him.

    Okay, I may have a couple of maybe-helpful things to say:

    1) The only way I can keep from losing my shit when my kids do insane things is to have already decided what to do about it. (Lest you think my life is too full of sunbeams, this usually follows a few days of me totally losing my shit.) What we did with Bug, when he started pushing the baby, was we would say something, always the same thing, something like “No, we are GENTLE, no hitting” and instantly go put him in his room for a certain number of minutes. And it doesn’t matter what that thing is as long as a) they can’t get out and annoy you during it and b) it’s always the same thing.

    2) I think it’s totally natural, if not always helpful, to be angry when an older child hurts the baby. You are hurting my fragile little darling! Who also doesn’t talk back yet or pee on things on purpose!

    3) Bug did that, with all the peeing. We mainly started setting a timer every time he did it, for one-hour-on-the-dot go-pee breaks. Usually about the time we got lax about it was about the time he stopped doing it so much. Also with the pooping at night; I think we instituted prunes and oatmeal for breakfast for a little while, to reset him. (Fortunately he loves both those things.) We also made him carry the peed-on stuff down to the washer, but he was a little older by then and maybe a tiny bit less of a crazed wee toddler.

    4) Kids are annoying little shits – as adorable, beloved, and wonderful as they are – and even not-very-verbal children have this amazing ability to condition their parents for maximum-annoyed-response. It’s like the inverse of a miracle.

    5) Next week, I am going to get on a train BY MYSELF for five hours and then stay with childless friends for two nights. (And then with child-ful friends AND then five glorious hours back!) Words cannot express my joy.

    6) You know what was really fantastic for me? Not nursing or being pregnant any more. Possibly ever. Because small needy people pawing at my body all the hours of the day, it turns out, was not the ideal situation in my life, and it made me want FIFTEEN QUIET MINUTES SO HELP ME about 1000 times more. So, you know, something to look forward to.

    July 26, 2013
  5. Well that answers my question on my blog! Yay for hotel night! I could so use one of those.

    I have the situation where the baby bites the big girl and the big girl pushes. Ain’t pretty but so far I haven’t been able to do anything about it.

    Bun Bun potty trained early. That said, there might be a kid logical reason she’s peeing on the floor (like, LG did that the week she trained because she thought she only had to pee in the toilet when grandma was there. For serious. Once I told her otherwise, she never did it again…) But it sucks, I’m sorry.

    July 26, 2013
  6. Make sure you spread out on that bed and throw your discarded wrappers on the floor. Just because you can. And please tell me you can get a real wine glass to drink that wine, even if it’s cheap twelve dollar wine (weird, our cheap wine is < $8.50. You can get something decent for $12. In fact, that's what I was going to bring.), it should enter your mouth through the appropriate vessel, i.e. a glass wine glass. That's just a personal rule I'm projecting on your fantasy.

    As far as the pushing and the peeing, I've got nothing. Child psychologists are just as useless (if not more) as parenting books.

    July 26, 2013
    • I totally threw things on the floor! Which is so not me, but it was such fun!

      July 26, 2013
  7. Ah, it misinterpreted my third line and ate it. Here’s how that comment should start:

    You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

    You know, if you just reach deep for that inner well of patience and saintly calm, everything will be okay.

    -wipes hysterical tears from eyes and picks self up off floor-

    (lest you think I was serious)

    July 26, 2013
  8. I love everything about this post except for the pushing, the peeing, the strep throat, and the above driving you to monsterly. I’m choosing to ignore commenting on any of that to focus on the awesomeness that is/was your evening. But where’s the drunken posting/commenting? The drunken dissing of the HGTV ‘wow, this would be really good for entertaining’-inanity? I hope you ate that shit, drank that shit, and then fell asleep. Rock on.

    July 26, 2013
  9. that’s it. i’m getting myself a fucking hotel room.

    GAH! the pushing! and the hitting! and the kicking! The boys will recite the following list for you, counting each one off on their fingers “just like Dada”: no pushing, no hitting, no biting, no kicking. It’s a battle here, always. It has been for a long time. We’ve recently introduced the “ready seat” – it’s a time out, basically, but my therapist likes to call it a “time in” because they decide when they’re ready, not the parent. In other words, it’s less about punishment and more about teaching them that they can control their actions. So we sit in the ready seat until we’re ready to play or eat or whatever other interaction is taking place without undesirable behavior X. “Never for emotions!” says my therapist. No one goes in the ready seat because they’re sad or mad. Only for non-compliance. It’s working for us in the sense that the pushing or hitting ends for that particular play period. It’s not working in the sense that it does not, so far, seem to prevent another kicking/biting/pushing event from occurring (it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks so far). But the threat of the ready seat is usually enough, now. So that’s progress?

    Seriously, i don’t know what to tell you, because it sends me INTO THE RED every time, too. Like, Mama needs to go to the ready seat until she can parent without “hitting, kicking, biting, or pushing.” Classic. And the PEEING!? The boys recently decided that spitting everywhere is a hilarious thing to do. Knowing how that sent me over the edge, i am suddenly thinking that maybe 5 or 6 is a good time to potty train…

    July 26, 2013
    • Seriously, I keep hearing that the longer you wait on this one, the faster it goes. Mina (see comments below) just had her three year old train himself:

      July 26, 2013
      • I heard many times you can train at 1 and end at 3, train at 2 and end at 3, or just do it at 3. LG was 34 months. Happened in a week. Days and nights. I wanted a kid who could GET HER OWN CLOTHES OFF and therefore actually be able to use the bathroom herself. More or less worked.

        July 26, 2013
  10. Wait – you just made it sound like Mr Bunny took a hint! Did I read that right?

    Anyway. My SIL had problems with her eldest pushing the little one. Punishments did nothing. What ended up helping was they set up a special place for the big one to go that was just for her, when she was tired of sharing and being followed around by the baby. In their case, they put a little table and some special toys in the master bedroom, which also has a TV, and added a baby gate.

    Then whenever they saw a push coming, they’d ask if she wanted to go to her special place to relax. And they enforced the no baby in that area policy.

    At the start, she would spend hours playing by herself in there. Now she rarely uses it at all.

    Dunno if that will work for you, but it couldn’t hurt to try right?

    July 26, 2013
    • I like this a lot. One thing I’ve been feeling with my Parenting Instincts is that, as we slowly move out of Pure Survival Mode, we need to dedicate more time to each baby individually, and this suggestion fits in well with that nebulous plan.

      July 26, 2013
  11. I love your blog. The posts are great, and the comments are the cherry on the decandent chocolate cake that is your writing. πŸ™‚
    Now then. Since our children are quite different, and their reactions and motivation for action are two facets of different coins, lets see what I would assvice.
    The peeing – I am constantly amazed by the power of understanding of young children, and immensly frustrated when they ignore that and decide to act on random unrelated impulses. Whatever you do, try to not let her see just how annoying you find her behaviour. It might stimulate continuation, and that is not desirable. Try make her clean after herself? Whenever I tried this with George when he spilled his juice on the floor YET AGAIN, he had such a blast, used an entire roll of paper kitchen towels and then clogged the loo with them. Quite entertaining, eh? Or just put her back in nappies, ‘since she clearly is still a baby, and cannot do it herself, and when she grows up, she will be allowed to wear undies again’ (that part is for her ears). George has now thankfully entered the phase when he is all grown up, behaved and doing things himself, unlike the BABY. It works sometimes to make him keep the standards he set himself.
    The pushing – apparently it is a thing that NEVER STOPS. I know a pair of 8 and 10 yo siblings who still use pushing as prefered method of interaction when frustrated. I tell George off and make him stay in the naughty corner for having pushed his brother. I might as well tap dance for a week, it would have the same effect on him. Stevie is now quite as strong as his brother though, and the shoving game has gotten different odds. Of course, now George tells Stevie off for having pushed or whacked him, and tries to push him in the naughty corner (where time outs take place) – all I can say is good luck with that, buddy. I try to let them sort out their differences themselves, and when I intervene, I try to keep it quick and not make too big of a fuss about it, because that would guarantee George doing it all over again just for the love of spectacular shows. What works with George is repeating rules over and over again. And over, and over, until I reach a thousand times in two days. And now he parrots them to Stevie. I gleefuly relish how the tables have turned and now George sees what it feels like to be ignored when he keeps saying that ‘potty KEIN tOOOOy!’. Good luck with that as well, buddy!
    I hope you choked a bit on that crap, but that the plonk helped wash it all better. How does it feel not to be pawed by little hands all the time? No, don’t tell me, I just might imagine it all to well, and I might weep. I hope you remember to do it again, and not let it be the only time. And don’t wait for another extraordinary occasion, who knows when another strep will mow you down?

    July 26, 2013
    • Heh. Gwen enjoys cleaning up her spills so much that I’ve occasionally found her sitting on the floor deliberately pouring liquid from her cup in order to wipe it up.

      But it’s so darned cute, and it’s only water, I don’t really have the heart to tell her to stop.

      July 26, 2013
  12. See how she gently says “Don’t push him”? THAT is what we are supposed to do, innit?

    July 26, 2013
  13. Gah Feedly at my comment. I’ll try to say it again but shorter. I’m Bionic’s friend with the peeing kid, who is about Bun Bun’s age. You’ll be glad to know that it only lasted about a week and a half. We solved the problem with punishment. I mean, consequences :). When she pees on the floor she has to take off her wet stuff, hang them up to dry, wipe up the pee, go get new underwear and shorts, and put on new stuff. The whole process is so long and annoying that I think she realized that it is easier to just pee in the potty.

    July 26, 2013
  14. Paula #

    I only have one child, so I have nothing as far as sibling experience to offer, but we did deal with the peeing-on-the-floor thing, and I thought I was going to lose it throughout that time. What worked for us was 1) no reaction from us other than “Oh, you used the bathroom on the floor. We do that in the toilet. Here–let’s get you something to clean it up with,” and 2) actually having him clean it up. That eventually removed the payoff for him (whatever that was!), and it lost its shock value I think. Good luck!

    July 26, 2013
  15. My two nights in Geneva were just what I needed to suddenly be lonesome for Gwen (and Joel!) and be anxious to get back home to them. The hotel was not airconditioned, was next to a very busy (noisy) street, and had one bathroom for the whole floor (but only three rooms on the floor, so sharing a bathroom was not a problem).

    I can usually handle about 5 piss episodes

    Wow. I’d be amazed if I could handle about half that. Ain’t it funny how parenting makes us suddenly able to do insane and weird things that no sensible person should ever have to be able to handle?

    July 26, 2013
  16. The “have the child clean it up” advice for peeing on the floor is actually pretty standard (er, in the sense of the few websites I read said it), and it’s not actually meant as a punishment, since many kids (including Bun Bun) adore wiping things up! I tried it a little, half-heartedly, but if it continues I will make she cleans it, she puts clothes down laundry chute, she gets new clothes, she puts new clothes on my policy. She loves all those things individually, but the tiresome combo may be enough to stop it.

    July 26, 2013
    • Jen #

      We’re doing the same thing here for Jackson, but to ensure he doesn’t just think this is the standard elaborate pissing routine, I also announce at the outset that whatever activity he’s in the middle of is in time out until all this pee gets cleaned up, then hand him his cleaning supplies. We also follow with a trip to the toilet, so I can remind him that pee goes in the toilet. I’m hoping it makes an impression that his peeing on the floor is in fact a disruption he can control, so maybe he’ll decide to remove that element of the real routine and get on with his (our) life. (Also, I learned from his preschool teacher this morning after an accident and trip to the toilet RIGHT AS WE ARRIVED, that he gleefully tells the teacher when other kids need to go to the potty and instructs them on what to do — “put your pee in the toilet! wash your hands!”. What the fucking fuck, you stubborn little a-hole?)

      July 26, 2013
    • Paula #

      We only wanted to “punish” in that we wanted to extinguish the behavior, not “this is a bad thing.” Once he saw that it wasn’t resulting in someone else cleaning up afterward, and he had to do the work of getting it up, it lost its appeal. He loved cleaning things, but he would do the floor thing when he was angry or frustrated mostly (I think it started as curious, but then the reaction he got fueled it), and decidedly did not like cleaning up after this. (I could relate!) Yay for tiresome combos, and no pee on the floor!

      July 26, 2013
  17. That picture looks like total heaven! I don’t envy your problems with Bun Bum, I’m sure it’s jealousy. My older son had some issues, but not to that extent. Best of luck getting through it!

    July 26, 2013
  18. I wish I was there with you…although full disclosure: I would eat your snickers.
    Jack went through a potty training regression as well. He was doing awesome and so proud of himself (we didn’t give treats, just cheers which he loved) and then a few weeks later he decided it was time to poop in his diapers again and lie about it “Jack are you pooping?”…”noooooo”.

    I think we just decided that boys take FOREVER so to just be happy when he is interested and not pressure him when he is not. But )*(&^%$$# if I am tired of changing fucking diapers on him and it sure would be nice if I had a couple months break from it before v2.0 arrives. Toddlers man….toddlers.

    July 26, 2013
  19. I’m a little late to this commenting frenzy, but of course I have to weigh in. Ari pushes Sammy over to hurt him. It drives me up the wall because he is usually a very sweet kid. He does this for reaction purposes I think. Anyway, Dave looses his shit about it. I just stopped letting him be in the same room when there is tile floor involved. I put Ari in a time out but he is all wtf am I in time out for?!? I did nothing wrong. So that’s pretty maddening. It hurts my feelings that my kid is hurting my other kid. Then he will go up to him and hug him and say “I love you Sammy” and I cry and that is the vicious circle I deal with. I have no parenting advice. Maybe the Ma phones? I just loose my shit. All day everyday. I’m turning into one of those Moms…you know…MY MOM!!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about the toilet training. Ari goes for a few days after being around his cousins who are over three. Then he just forgets about it and tells me that he needs a new diaper. I know people will say not to force the issue but my god, I feel as though this is either an attention ploy or dare I say a little laziness. Either way I can’t deal with the errant puddles of pee on the floor or worse yet poop.

    I am forever envious of your hotel stay. I told my husband I needed an hour to myself and he asks if I wouldn’t mind taking Ari with me because he is super tired. So maybe we need to do this. It might make things better. I will advise against staying in the hotel with your two children alone as I did on Thursday night. I decided I was too tired to keep driving from MA to the lake in PA and I got the three of us a hotel room. Ari and Sammy belly laughed and pulled hair until 1am. It was pure hell. Your arrangement seems much better. Oh and the mindlessness of HGTV! I miss that.

    Just writing a shorty story here to tell you that you’re not alone. This is some really fucking hard shit. I hope you rested well.

    July 28, 2013
  20. I am late (on vacation) but I wanted to chime in and say that I agree with Jenny that the best way to keep from losing it is to have already decided what the consequence will be. As for what the consequence will be…

    My daughter has not yet done the intentional peeing thing, thank goodness. My son did it after two weeks of potty training, and it was always after we put him to bed. He was battling his bedtime anyway, and peeing was the easiest way of making us come and clean him up. Our solution was to put him back into a diaper at nights until we had worked through the bedtime issues.

    Honestly, if it is bugging you so much, I would absolutely put her back in a diaper (preferably part-time) and tell her that if she cannot put the pee where it belongs, then she may not wear her underwear. Then work on whatever other issues without the added stress of toilet regression.

    Hitting is tough, and I expect the narrow age gap is a factor here, so I don’t really have constructive advice, but good luck.

    A hotel room sounds like complete bliss.

    July 28, 2013
  21. nicole #

    I have a low tolerace for accidents so I wait until they are older,like 3. Id put her back in diapers for a few days. When my now 6 yr old was 3 and stood up off couch while watching dora and pooped, I turned Dora off and told her big girls who are potty trained and poop in their pants while watching Dora dont get to watch Dora. She never did that again and this child is extremely strong willed. Good luck. Small kids are just really hard. I feel like Im dying daily.

    July 28, 2013
  22. I’m so, so late to this party that I’ll bet there’s not even a few fluorescent crumbs to lick out of the bottom of that Doritos bag. I also have only one human child. But! Said child has recently started being deliberately mean to my other child, the cat, which gives me the red-hot rage, so I feel like I have something to contribute here.

    At first I would completely overreact and grab him and shout about how we MUST BE KIND AND GENTLE to our animals and then realised what a giant fucking hypocrite I sounded like. So. Step One was to try and avoid the rage, at all costs. Step Two was to let the kid chase the cat and shout at her as much as he likes outside, where she actually does seem to like skittering around with him, and where she can jump the fence and be out of reach whenever she’s had enough. Not exactly something that can be replicated with a baby, but it does seem to have stemmed the tide of tail-pulling. I figure if you can work out a Step Two, Step One is readily applied to your situation.

    Re: nappies, aaaargh! Our issue is still the poo. He doesn’t do it anywhere grosser than his undies, but it’s still pretty gross. Mostly we manage to catch it and hover him over the potty in time, but lord, it’s annoying. I have, on occasion, put a nappy on him when I know he’s got one turtling out, because he will at least happily poo there without drama. And I don’t want to push the ‘big boys don’t poo in their undies’ thing too much for fear of making him even more anally retentive than he already seems, so I think we’re just going to carry on for a bit longer and see if the situation doesn’t resolve itself. Again. Not too much help for you.

    Ahem. Crazy cat-lady out.

    July 29, 2013
  23. Ana #

    We haven’t (yet…because there is ALWAYS time) had the peeing. But the pushing—oh lord. B actually mostly ignored L until mobility. Now they both push/hit/kick/pinch each other CONSTANTLY. B loves knocking L over. He’s tried to push him down the stairs. I caught him with his hands around L’s NECK this morning. Sometimes its provoked, but often its just a thing to do, better than playing with any of those boring old toys—this one screams and squeaks and real tears come out!

    L is getting faster & stronger, so I think the dynamic may shift…I think that will happen for you guys—once Bunlet can hold his own, BunBun may realize the peril of messing with him.

    August 1, 2013
  24. Jeronimo #

    She’s two. That’s what 2 year olds do. Get over it. And if you have to get your husband because you’re “worried you’ll hurt her”…. Hurt a 2 year old for being naughty? Take a chill pill lady and pull up your parenting socks

    August 6, 2013
  25. Will do. Thank you so much for that super thoughtful and empathetic suggestion.

    August 6, 2013

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