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Baby hoarders: Pro Edition

Today was Bunter’s first smile. She’d given us a tough night, really the only tough night since we were in the hospital and she was justifiably not interested in being anywhere other than my chest. Last night Mr. Bunny walked her in the carrier for hours, and I was terrified of getting near her after she vomited implausibly large quantities all over me, twice.

As the spouse and I were sitting blearily on the sofa in the morning, I jokingly suggested that perhaps her dyspepsia was a sign that she was going to smile soon. Mr Bunny leaned over her and demonstrated smiling. See, like this! Rictus! Rictus! Get your mirror neurons working! And she DID smile. A huge smile, with crinkly eyes. And several more. And some little sidelong ones. We both cried a little. It’s worth waiting for, that smile. So transformative.

Bunter has been…knock on All the Woods…an easy baby, just like her siblings. She eats quickly and happily, sleeps a reasonable amount for a person her age, and is easily soothed when she’s pissed. Even if that changes today, it will at least have been true for the past six weeks. I have been enjoying life at the pace of a newborn. Days are basically feed baby, coffee, laundry, diaper change, lie on floor in a patch of sun with baby, feed baby, bake something (OMG, I have baked SO many things), diaper change, feed baby, eat a baked thing with more coffee, let baby take nap on chest while watching West Wing, walk around house with baby listening to music, feed baby, feed self, laundry…

Of course, this idyllic underwater-y rhythm does not apply on days when I am in charge of all three babies. As I suspected, meeting the needs of three humans is pretty challenging at times, even when one human is a (much loved) lump. I presume it will get even harder when Bunter starts having more needs. Long ago I wrote about code red and code green…now it’s code black. The babies’ needy times tend to converge, so I am often dashing from one screaming child to the next. Some days I do it with empathy and…well, it’s not exactly patience, it’s surface calm, I guess, regardless of how I feel underneath. Other days I am appalled at the things that come out of my mouth. I found myself saying to Bun Bun, YOU ARE SO SELFISH! which is a Things Never to Say to your Child item I never thought I’d even feel like saying let alone actually say. Happily, she replied indignantly, I am not selfish, you should not say that to me! You can say I did a selfish thing! giving me a chance to agree with her and apologize and feel reassured that at least most of the time I am modeling the right things.

Or I’m washing dishes with a crying baby in a carrier, bone tired and weepy.

My spouse is going out of town for a couple of days tomorrow and I am…not dreading the experience, more just SAD about how much this is going to suck for me.

But I am also savoring this tiny baby. Even last night, when I was pretty fed up with the crying and the vomiting, I could hold her and know that these nights are limited (1/3 of the way to sleep training, my friends!), and that this experience will never come again.


I gave her a sink bath yesterday with a shampoo that made her smell like a creamsicle. She weights a hefty 9 pounds now, and is so soft and snuggly and beautiful.

And now with added SMILES.

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  1. I want to come to your place and snuggle your delicious baby for awhile.

    My sister is popping out another one in January, but that means by the time I finally get to meet it, it’ll probably be walking. 😦

    And Bun Bun? She is awesome — what an articulate response! You’re doing something right.

    December 3, 2015
  2. Yay for smiling! Isn’t it clever of babies to figure out the smiling thing just when the sleep deprivation and dealing with baby crying makes you ready to throw them out the window? Good thinking, evolution!
    Glad that Bunter is an easy baby and that you are finding some moments to enjoy the slow newborn days. Code Black sounds really really hard. And look, you (and they) are surviving those moments too!

    December 3, 2015
  3. sangela71 #

    Aww, cute!

    Glad that she’s been an easy baby and that you are enjoying her. 🙂

    December 3, 2015
  4. You’re doing something right cause you have smart, awesome kids!

    December 3, 2015
  5. SRB #

    Ah! That first smile that solidifies your love and squashes your desire to float them down the river. Damn babies!

    Gosh… I love when you wash their hair and it make it feel like SILK FROM HEAVEN.

    Bun Bun, as ever, is my favourite of all your many children. But probably only because she is the oldest and therefore the wisest. Then you go and through in a photo of Bunter to change my mind. Whither Bunlet??? ❤

    December 3, 2015
  6. Steph #

    love all of your babies. Bunter is looking very happy and sleepy and is really adorable. Bun Bun is also adorable for having such command of the word selfish. Cheering you on. Hope the weekend goes really well.

    December 4, 2015
  7. What a delicious baby. You and Mr. Bunny make the BEST babies. You really do. I cannot wait to snuggle her. And, less selfishly, I’m VERY glad that she is not a difficult baby. This would have been much too cruel of the universe. Although I am sorry she vomited on you twice.
    It’s wonderful to read that you have some spacious time with your newborn and yourself when the babies are in preschool. I would like to talk about how I could soon disrupt your precious time, as you suggested in one of your comments. I’ll be in touch.

    December 6, 2015
  8. THIS is the post that I’ve been waiting for all these months! I had faith that we would arrive at this fine day and I have been hoping all along that, somewhere underneath that tough bunny exterior, you knew it too.

    December 10, 2015

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