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Bun Bun

11w4d. Bun Bun still in stealth mode.

13w2d. Bun Bun says “All is well”!

15w. Bun Bun? Is that you? Or is that just the mac and cheese?

17w2d. Pretty sure there’s a fetus in there.

19w1d. Bun Bun’s ghostly little face, pressed up against my uterus.

19w2d. Yep. Fetus for sure.

22w. Still a fetus! Not shown: wiggling.

28w. Hello T3!

30w. Not shown: vigorous thumping with pokey bits sticking out.

32w1d. It sort of looks like Bun Bun has expanded tenfold, but it’s just a slightly more profile shot.

34w. Holy shit! That’s a lot of weeks!

36w2d…on my 35th birthday.

38w1d. ETBBA: one week.

39w. Bun Bun’s last day in utero.

6d. Bun Bun’s due date.

2w3d. Bun Bun is over 7 pounds!

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