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9w, alive!

11w2d. Bunlet! Holy Fucking Shit.

12w. Still alive.

14w2d. Bunlet insists on me eating doughnuts. I obey.

17w5d. I believe I am visibly WITH CHILD, about two weeks sooner than last time.

Bunlet at 19w: Mama, I’m sleepy.


29w. Squirmy, feisty, loveable fetus.

32w5d. This fetus seems to have more than the usual complement of elbows.

37w5d. Just because I’m taking fewer pictures doesn’t mean I love you less, Bunlet.

39w. ETBunletA: Five days!

39w4d. Bunlet’s last day in utero.

1w1d. Look at the size of that average-sized baby!

3w2d. Bunlet must surely weigh a million pounds by now.

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