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I started this internet journaly thing as a way of finding support during my experience with infertility, so here’s the journey.

Unexplained IF (though probably due to fibroids).

Summer 2009: 1 year TTC, chemical pregnancy.
Fall-winter 2009: IUIs 1-3. A great deal of unhappiness.
January 2010: Laparascopy suggests fibroids interfering with egg pickup on left side, possibly distorting uterine wall. IUI #4.
April 2010: myomectomy. 12 weeks of recovery required before we can try again, another 12 before we can do IVF.
May-June: recovery, part 1.
July: pretend having sex can result in pregnancy. It is to laugh.
August: IUI #5. Positive HPT at 12dpIUI.
September: Beta at 13dpIUI = 87. Beta #2 at 15dpIUI = 227. Beta #3 at 19dpIUI = 1416.
9/21/2010: heartbeat! Measuring right on target at 6w6d.
October: 10/5/2010: 9 week ultrasound, measuring a perfect 8w6d, heart beating away at 165 bpm.
November: 11/01: First OB appointment.
11/05: NT scan. Normal.
11/29: Second OB appointment.
December: 12/16: Anatomy scan. All is well.
12/20. Third OB appointment. Delightfully dull.
1/21. Fourth OB appointment. Blissfully boring.
2/18. Fifth OB appointment, GD screen. No GD.
March: A series of bi-weekly appointments.
April: A series of weekly appointments.
May 5th, 2011: my beautiful daughter born via scheduled C-section.
During the next six months, I have sex approximately five times, all sans birth control. We avoid my fertile window, but the idea of conceiving a child via intercourse is laughable. And then we do.
December 17th, 2012: positive HPT at about 15 dpo.
1/20. Ultrasound, which I had to beg my OB for, shows perfect 9w fetus.
2/10. NT scan at 12w. Normal scan, no alarming test results.
3/30. Anatomy scan at 19w. All is well!
A series of gloriously uneventful OB appointments.
August 22nd, 2012: My beautiful son born via scheduled C-section.
As time passes, we consider whether we’d like a third child. We come down on the side of no. We give away all our baby related possessions. My spouse is supposed to get a vasectomy. We have sex occasionally, avoiding my fertile window, but despite previous experiences, sex resulting in pregnancy still seems implausible. But it’s not.
February 23, 2015: Positive HPT at about 21 dpo and after large drink, the last I’ll get for a while.
4/10. NT scan at 12w. Normal scan, no alarming test results.
5/29. Anatomy scan at 19w. All is well! Bolstered by the awesome because you are old fetal cell-free DNA blood test, no trisomies detected.
A series of gloriously uneventful OB appointments.
October 19, 2015: my beautiful daughter born via scheduled C-section. I also have a tubal ligation in an attempt to reassert control over my biology.

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  1. Bunny I have a private question that I need to ask but can’t post about myself yet. But first let me tell you my secret something….after 6 years of ttc and multiple ART cycles and fert reports that say less than 1% change of natural pregnancy. I was taking “the mini pill” to help with my issues. Last we checked (about 3 months ago) my husband had no sperm. Yet I was sick and on antibiotics, 3 courses over the last 2 months. Low and behold I’m pregnant. Not with one, but with two babies. Ultrasound yesterday showed one of the two doesn’t have a good hb (MC eminent), the other one right on track. Fucking floored and in shock for the last several weeks. My question is about this normal patient OB business. Did they check your HCG levels or P4 levels in with bunlet in the beginning? My new OB was reading our IVF records and has insisted she constantly check these. It is starting to make me insane and I just wonder if you recall. The only reason I got an ultrasound before 10 weeks is because I was still taking the mini pill. Anyway if you have anything you can share about such events or lack thereof with bunlet would you drop me an email? Anytime no rush. Thanks.

    March 27, 2012
    • HOLY FUCK! I’ll respond via e-mail, but the short answer is no.

      March 27, 2012
  2. your blog is giving me HOPE!!!!! i LOVE IT!

    June 9, 2012

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